January (Why Is It So Cold)

from by The Castaway Kids

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No matter how hard you try and no matter how much you may think you aren't in the fault, you can still always end up the bad guy.

I ended up the bad guy.


You look so cold, here take my jacket
It’ll keep you warm for now
And if you want to, hold my hand
It’ll keep away the cold from our hearts

And we’ll go to the park, lay down in the grass
I got snow all over my ass
And I’ll (you’ll) play my (your) guitar
And you’ll (I’ll) sing along
And we’ll write a new song together

Now it’s getting dark, I should probably go home
But I keep getting lost in your eyes
Now the moon’s coming out, I really need to get home
But you look so beautiful tonight
My parents will worry, they’re so uptight
I know but stay it’ll be alright
But I really need to get home

I’m so sorry
(It’s alright, It’s alright)
Didn’t want you to worry
(It’s alright, It’s alright)
You should probably go
(It’s alright, It’s alright)
Let’s just lay here in the snow


from This Wasted Year, released September 22, 2016




The Castaway Kids Portland, Oregon


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