November 24th (I Hate Radio)

from by The Castaway Kids

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November 24th,
I never understood why they would always play this one song on the radio. I can't remember the title but it was just another one of those shitty yet still annoyingly catchy pop songs trying to be "alternative". You know like one of those songs where the lyrics are shit and all they do is repeat the same two chords over and over then at one point the instruments drop thinking that that will some how fix the underdeveloped structure of the song as a whole, then they repeat the same catchy chorus over and over for a little bit. Something like "Baby, you know how much I love you". You know just some really generic shitty thing that people can all chant together at their concert.

That song always reminds me of you.


Last night I drove for the first time
I didn’t get very far got a long ways to go
Got a long ways to get home
So I turn on the radio
To a song I’ve heard a thousand times before
I unconsciously sing along
Then you roll by in my mind again
Your hair tangles my heart
It’s skipping beats sitting here waiting wishing on you
What should I do
Cause I’m so in love with you


from This Wasted Year, released September 22, 2016




The Castaway Kids Portland, Oregon


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